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 Dylan Gm app

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PostSubject: Dylan Gm app   Thu Jun 05, 2008 9:01 pm

. Which country do you come from? Australia, [color=red]but i live in USA[/color]
2. Which language can you speak? German, English
3. How old are you? 15 soon to be 16
4. Are you good on making a website(Make account creation, This will prevent you to a directly GM) not my strongest point, but i have done it and know how
5. Do you know anything about beeing a gm? Yes, i have been a GM on 2 other servers, and my cousin was a GM on live servers
6. Do you know how to use Ascent?(How it works and the commands? If not can you get the information that's needed?) Yes, i do know the commands and how it works, and if i ever forget, i can get them almost instanly with a document i made with the list of all the commands Very Happy
7. Why do you want to be a GM? I enjoy helping others, and making this server better for everyone
8. When can you be online? every day after 11:00(Mon-thurs) and free Fri-sun. I might not be on when i have football training, but that dont start for awhile
9. Tell us something about you. i like to play sports+wow. I also tudor my 4th grade nieghbor in math. I am very helpful, and im always open to questions.
10. The last question. Are you just going to "try out how it's to be a gm than quit? Definatily not! That like appling for a job, and saying" o i just wanted to see what it was like" then quit. It is a waste of other people's time.

(This is my new acc, i left because my parents made me stop for like 2 months and forgot my acc name and pass)
I would love to be apart of the team Arrow Very Happy
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Dylan Gm app
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